As they say 'A fat body is home to several diseases,' this holds true for animals alike. Are people calling your dog a fatso and do you feel the same way? Well, it's a high time that you help him lose weight.

A fat dog may develop serious diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.Here are some tips to help your dog lose weight.

1. Signs of obesity

Take a rib test of your dog. Run your hands down his sides. Are you able to feel his ribs? If no, it clearly indicates that your pet has gained fat.

Another way to know if your dog has put on kilos is to measure his weight. Simply pick him and stand on the weighing scale. Subtract your weight from the total, the rest of the weight is obviously of your pet.

2. Consult a vet

The way you consult a dietician or a doctor, who helps you reduce your weight by providing a diet chart and regime, similarly, for your loving pet you should seek advice from your vet.Your vet will provide you a diet chart for weight control of your pet. Keep visiting the vet to keep a check on the changes.

3. Keep record of changes in diet

Maintain a daily record of the changes you are making in your pet's diet. Using a measure cup will help you feed your pet with right quantity.

4. Treats are a strict No No

Let your pet be on a strict regime and follow the diet chart provided by the vet. Till the time he loses weight, say No to treats.

5. Regular exercise 

Exercise is always good for dogs. Take him for walk twice every day. Play with him using flying disk or ball.

Author: Rupali Kukreti
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Rupali Kukreti is a Delhite and is fond of animals. She is a freelance writer by profession and very updated about animal rights. She is very particular about the way animals are treated by us humans. She has a Cat named Mia who is her best company. She likes to feed not only her cat but also the stray cats and dogs in the neighborhood. She strongly believes that torturing these poor souls is the height of committing the most inhuman of acts by our race. She is interested in various breeds of animals and their behavior patterns and likes to research and share her knowledge with the world.

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