It is a well known fact that dogs are man&rsquos best friend. And why not, after all it&rsquos a wonderful experience to have a dog as your pet and family member. Dogs are excellent companions, they accompany you for walks, are children's best friend and also provide protection in adverse situations.

A lot of dog breeds are found in India and believe me all of them are amazing, but some are more popular than others. Let us have a closer look at some of these popular breeds.


Doberman is a strongly built dog with muscular body and is very alert and athletic. This dog possesses an extra-ordinary sixth sense and intelligence and is therefore considered to be an excellent guard dog. Doberman&rsquos excellent sixth sense renders him useful in police and other agencies. Doberman is also very affectionate and caring to his family.


Pug is a cute looking dog with chubby body, muzzled face and a small curled tail. Their appearance and cuddliness makes them a favorite amongst young kids. Pug has become a fashion icon since it appeared in a Vodafone advertisement. The best part is that pugs are very calm and rarely get aggressive. This makes them easy to manage.

Golden Retriever

Golden retriever has an admirable appearance and is famous for its obedience, intelligence and loyalty. They are quite tolerant and friendly and it is seldom that they show ferocity. Its appearance and these qualities make Golden Retriever the favorite and most desired dog amongst Indian pet lovers.


Labrador is the favorite of Indian families having young kids as they are very friendly and have a playful and jovial personality. They are also calm and obedient and adapt well in different environments and climatic conditions. Their reliability makes them useful for rescue and search operations.

German shepherd

From Germany these are large size dogs belonging to the working category. They were earlier used for sheep herding but now they are a symbol of police and are referred to a GSD because of their smell and detection capabilities. They are ideal guard dogs and family companions. They are fast, intelligent, loyal, brave, well built and tough. They need regular exercise and are one of the most demanded dogs.

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These also come under the top ten best dogs. They are so loved because of their wooly looks and endearing eyes. They are ideal companions for all age group but are fierce with strangers.

Indian Spitz

They are easily available and are economical. They don&rsquot require a great deal of care and can live in small houses. Indian Spitz is loyal towards their owner and is very kind and loving towards children. They are the most common breed in India.


Boxers are medium sized, tough looking dog from Germany. They are excellent guard dogs and are very fierce with strangers and intruders. They are very gentle and loving with children. They are very loyal, alert and have the best hearing capability. They are called so because they use front paw more often at play and look like a boxer.

Great Dane

They are the world&rsquos largest and tallest dog from Germany also known as German mastiff. Despite its huge look they are very friendly and acknowledged for seeking fondness from its owner. They are faithful, intelligent and lively dogs. They are quick learners. They are good as guard dogs and prove to be an excellent companion. They are generally calm but can be aggressive with other dogs.

Indian Pariah

They are the most common dog breed in India and they are generally domesticated by village folks because they are easy to take care of and not much effort is required in their dietary. They are efficient as family guards and ferocious against the strangers.

You can choose your best companion from these ten dog breeds that are most common and popular in India.


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