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Overview :

Colorpoint Shorthair cats are athletic, agile and highly intelligent. These cats call for lot of attention. Family members needs to spend time with cat and should not leave alone as these cats delight in human companionship. Colorpoint Shorthair Cat demands for low maintenance in comparison of other cats. Cats are very good in licking their coats which keeps their coats clean automatically. Colorpoint Shorthair Cats sheds very minimum and these cats are hypoallergenic. Many of illness conditions can be found in Colorpoint Shorthair Cat. Long term Medical risks are there and Colorpoint Shorthair Cat owner must look for Pet Insurance. These cats are very vocal. If in the time of night, this cat at home, start doing meowing or crying undesirably, then look for vet clinic urgently.

Origin Country :

Body Type : Medium

Eyes : Medium

Other Name :  

Tail Size : Thin tail

Life Span : 12 -15 Yeards

Weight : 5-9 Pounds

Kitten Price : Average $500 - $600 USD

Coat Length : Short

Temperament : Affectionate, Intelligent, Playful, Social

Color :
Blue Chocolate Cream Red

Body Type :

Siamese cats and Colorpoint Shorthair cats have identical look, although they look like twins. Colorpoint Shorthair cats have muscular bodywith wedge-shaped head and long lines on body. Neck, Body, tail and legs, all are long. Tips of ears, narrow nose and wedge shape head make triangle look.Ears are pointed at tips and large & wide usually. Eyes of Colorpoint +Shorthair cat breed are medium sized with vivid blue colour but look like almondshaped sometimes. Very Slim and long legs of Colorpoint shorthair helps in holding body, front legs are shorter than hind legs. Paws are small, oval & daintyand tail is long & thin with fine point. Body of these cats is called tubular. As cats ages, coat of shorthair cat become dark.

Color :

Colors available in Colorpoint Shorthair cat breed are Blue, Chocolate, Cream, Lilac, Red, Tabby, lynx and Tortoise Shell. There are total 16 patternsand colours of Colorpoint Shorthair cats.

Temperament :

Temperament of Colorpoint Shorthair cat breed is Intelligent, Playful, affectionate and Social. Colorpoint Shorthair cats are lap cat and theyenjoy sitting in laps and cuddling and curling up with humans. Colorpoint shorthair cats take interest in small playful activities. For several times of day time,spend 15-20 minutes with your cat. Seniors of family can be affectionate with cats and these cats are good with adults and children also. Colorpoint Shorthairis opinionated, conversational and talkative. In raspy & loud voice they communicate with expectation of back revert by your side. These cats are really fondof people. In every move of yours, they like to be boss and administrative following and supervision task is their favourite. Colorpoint Shorthair cats like to sitin lap, sleep on bed and covering head with pillow. Colorpoint shorthair can be very good friend if someone really spend time to talk to them. As this cat issocial and demanding in term of affection and time, better to not leave this cat alone at home or you can buy another cat or pet for Shorthair Company.

Coat :

Coat of Colorpoint Shorthair cat breed is smooth, short, glossy and silky. For keeping shape of Colorpoint Shorthair coat in good position, one has tolook for occasional grooming.

Health :

There are lot of health issues that are faced by Colorpoint Shorthair Cat. Some of them are Amyloidosis (amyloid is deposited in various tissues),Asthma/Bronchial Disease (chronic bronchial disease), Aortic Stenosis (congenital defect), Crossed Eyes (imbalance in the eye ball holding muscles),Hyperesthesia Syndrome (form of epilepsy or aggressive behaviour), Megaesophagus (Gastrointestinal condition, congenital malformation, foreign objectentry in stomach and blockage), Lymphoma (due to Feline Leukemia Virus), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (retina cells of eyes destroyed) and Nystagmus(shaky eye movements). Colorpoint Shorthair cat breed is prone to some serious health issues so it is required to consult vet doctor before adopting a cat.Colorpoint Shorthair cats should be taken care properly to keep them healthy. Some recurring medical checkups are necessary like examinations, heartwormprevention and vaccinations. Some initial medical checkups are basic blood tests and deworming. Health Insurance is also a good option for any of diseasecome about.

Care :

Premium brand dry kibble food should be provided to cat daily. For keeping your cat healthy and muscles strong & toned, easy exercises are good.For preventing from any kind of periodontal disease, brush the teeth of cats. Weekly brushing is very good for teeth. Clean eyes of cat on every scheduledday for grooming of cat with soft, damp cloth, this helps in removing discharge. For preventing infection, don&rsquot use same side of cloth for cleaning separatearea around eyes. Ears of cat should be checked weekly. If ears are dirty, clean them with solution of warm water and cider vinegar (both 50-50%) with softdamp cloth or cotton ball. Interior ears can be damaged with use of cotton swab. Every cat is very careful about bathroom hygiene habits so litter box of catshould be neat and clean. Don&rsquot let your cat roam all over out of house, because diseases spread by other street dogs or cats can become serious issue.


Personality :

Colorpoint Shorthair cats and Siamese cats are very identical, though they are of different colours. It is good to keep Colorpoint Shorthair Catbusy in teaser toys and puzzle toys. These cats are good enough to explore all your house, even hidden things they can open doors and drawers easily.They like shiny things and your purse can be all rifled in search of something shiny or playful thing. Colorpoint shorthair cats are very active and intentionallythey can reprogram DVD player or any kind of such electrical equipment, so it is not good to leave them alone with human entertainment equipments. Even insome cases, if alone left at home for long time, these cats will empty all of tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls. Interaction with humans is chose by ColorpointShorthair over any other play or thing. These cats are good with other pets, dogs, cats and children also.

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