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Overview :

Exotic Shorthair cats can be pursued by those who don’t like to do daily grooming of cat as their coat is easy to take care. Exotic Shorthair cat come with an undemanding personality, though it is lap cat, love to sit in lap but easy going also. Way of communication of Exotic Shorthair is really sweet when she talks with soft sweet voice with wonderful facial expressions and expressive eyes. Except for coat, Exotic Shorthair cat has all standard of Persian coat same as their temperament and conformation; they have oval massive head with very broad skull and rounded forehead. They have broad nose with pronounced stop, short, broad, round muzzle and strong chin. These cats are sweet and beautiful.

Origin Country :

Body Type : Medium and Large

Eyes : Large

Other Name : Exotic

Tail Size : Short, thick, carried low. Rounded tip.

Life Span : 12-13 Years

Weight : 3.5 - 6 Kg

Kitten Price : Average $350 - $650 USD

Coat Length : Short

Temperament : Loyal, Quiet, Sweet

Color :
Black Blue Red-Brown White

Body Type :

Head of Exotic Shorthair is round and large, has round eyes, full cheeks and short nose. Exotic Shorthair ears are small with rounded tips. Thiscat has &lsquoCobby&rsquo type of body which is support of head with short & thick neck. Exotic Shorthair has muscular, low to ground body and massive shoulders.Exotic Shorthair is large boned and powerful muscles. Legs of Exotic Shorthair cat are short, strong & thick and paws are firm, round & large. Tail of exotic catis short and thick with rounded tip, but looks good according to their body size. Eye colour of Exotic Shorthair cats related to their coat. As their coat is easyfor grooming, do not shed heavily.

Color :

Exotic Shorthair cat are found in following colours: black, blue, white, red, cream, lilac and chocolate. Other colours are shaded silver or golden, bluechinchilla and blue shaded silver or golden and smoke, tabby & calico.

Temperament :

Exotic Shorthair cats are same as Persian cats but more curious and active. Exotic Shorthair Cat is good to be bought in an active family.Male Exotic Shorthair Cat is very sweet and affectionate in comparison of female Exotic Shorthair Cat, called as aloof also. Exotic Shorthair enjoys playingwith toys of kids, with kids. A paper ball or ring is enough for exotic short hair to play well. These cats will roam around you following you all the house andlooks for attention to be paid. These cats are friendly with kids and other pets at home. These are excellent lap cats. When someone is not petting ExoticShorthair Cat, she loves to play on her own, on other times, she like to sit in lap but sometimes they don&rsquot like to be left alone.

Coat :

Exotic Shorthair cat has thick, soft, medium length and plush coat with thick undercoat which is rich and makes exotic cat look complete. Coat is fluffy,dense with erect hair. All Persian colours are familiar in Exotic shorthair cat coat.

Health :

All types of mixed breed cats and pedigreed cats have to face genetic health problems. Some health issues are Breathing difficulty or noisybreathing caused by constricted nostrils, Eye conditions such as cherry eye and entropion, Excessive tearing, Dental malocclusions, teeth don&rsquot mesh welltogether, a fungal infection - Predisposition to ringworm, Polycystic kidney disease (heritable kidney disease which can cause renal failure, functional tissuesare destroyed due to fluid-filled cysts in kidneys), Heat sensitivity, Seborrhea oleosa (skin condition involving redness, itchiness and hair loss), a fungalinfection - Predisposition to ringworm. Usually get caught to facial structure common problems. Some other problems are Brach cephalic airway syndrome,Dystocia and Calcium Oxalate Urolithiasis which can be threat for Exotic shorthair cat.

Care :

&ldquoThe lazy man&rsquos Persian&rdquo is another name of Exotic Shorthair. Exotic Shorthair Cat should be attended with care and love basic needs are regularmeal, scheduled grooming, playing time with feather teaser or catnip mouse and love & care. For removing dead hairs from skin all over, combing hairs twicea week is required. For keeping coat of cat, shiny and healthy, combing is necessary. Bath should be given to cat once in a month and blow dry is also required. Under eye stains can be issue for cat, so make sure to clean corner of eye because excessive tearing can be a problem. Periodontal disease canbe prevented by brushing twice a week. Do not let you exotic cat roam around outside house, better to keep cat indoor only.


Personality :

Exotic Shorthair Cat is somewhere similar to Persian Cat. Exotic Shorthair Cat is quiet and docile she is sweet, calm and gentle. ExoticShorthair Cats have pleasant, soft and musical voice. These cats have really sweet facial expressions. Exotic Shorthair cats have mainly two different looks,which are called &lsquotraditional&rsquo and &lsquoextreme&rsquo. Traditional cats have old fashioned appearance having non flat face & nose on face lower part. Extreme cats havefalter face and usually these cats are used in show ring. Exotic Shorthair Cats are capable of mouse hunting and retains some energetic spark from AmericanShorthair also. These cats are peaceful and enjoying companion from their owners. These cats are good at adaptability and affection with their owners.

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