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Overview : Japanese bobtail, also known as the Japanese truncated cat. The cat is the result of the genetic mutations. Japanese bobtail in Japan has a history of one thousand years or so, some people think that it is more than 1000 years ago by China and north Korea to Japan. Japanese bobtail's tail is only about 10 cm long, and the isle of man all cats tail is the shortest cat species. With three color in Japanese bobtail cat is the most popular, but the red white cat, white cat is very much also. Plutus cat like that from the Japanese bobtail.

Body Type : Medium

Eyes : Large

Other Name : Japanese truncated cat

Tail Size : Tail is short, only 5 ~ 7 cm, but the flexible movement.

Life Span : 15 -16 years

Weight : 3.5-7kg

Kitten Price : Average $500 - $600 USD

Coat Length : Short Hair

Temperament : Active, Family, Lively, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Social, Talkative

Color :
Black Brown Red Ruddy Tan

Body Type : Japanese bobtail figure is thin, but strong, muscular, tail short, about 10 cm long. Tail hair particularly dense, similar to the rabbit tail. The Japanese bobtail emotional, friendly, lively and loves running play, very suitable for family.

Adaptability :
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