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Overview : The manx cat, as a native to the isle of man (the isle of man) cat. This strange is that cat real thoroughbred island, the cat is no tail in ordinary cat tail position only a dent. In the legend, the manx due to the relatively late step on other animals, Noah's ark is the door to his tail, became a black cat. But in the process of reproduction, also can produce a small tail, the tail, the tail of the isle of man. In addition, the isle of man's cat spinal also relatively common for short. Manx, more longevity, and very intelligent, and is a well-known varieties of pet cat. The long-haired varieties, the cats in wales.

Origin Country :
Isle of Man

Body Type : Medium

Eyes : Large

Other Name : Manks, Stubbin, rumpy

Tail Size : No tail, the hips like orange like round and big, the tail slightly concave position as a good cat.

Life Span : 12 -13 years

Weight : 11 - 12 pounds

Kitten Price : Average $200 - $250 USD

Coat Length : Medium Hair

Temperament : Easy Going, Intelligent, Loyal, Playful, Social

Color :
Blue Brown Cream Silver Tortoise Shell

Body Type : Solidly muscled, compact, well-balanced, medium-sized with sturdy bone structure; stout appearance with broad chest; the repetition of curves and circles give the Manx the appearance of great substance and durability; powerful without a hint of coarseness; flank has greater depth than in other breeds; the short back forms a smooth, continuous arch from shoulders to rump, curving at rump to form desirable round look.

Adaptability :
Child Friendly :
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Grooming :
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