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Overview : Turkish Van, from Turkey, long and firm size, the length of long hair, white and shiny, wool is qualitative very smooth like silk. Ear body other than the head and tail part or light brown markings, not a nap, appearance is very beautiful and lovely. The head is broad wedge; Small ears; For a large oval eyes. The blessed one cat originated in the Vatican lake region of Turkey, Turkey is composed of Turkey Angola cat mutation, strict said Mr Gamla cat a strain.

Body Type : Large

Eyes : Large

Other Name : Turkish Cat, Swimming cat

Tail Size : Long but in proportion to body, with a brush appearance.

Life Span : 15 -16 years

Weight : 16 - 17pounds

Kitten Price : Average $200 - $300 USD

Coat Length : Medium Hair

Temperament : Agile, Intelligent, Loyal, Playful, Talkative

Color :
Dense Silky Soft

Body Type : Turkey brahman cat length and robust, shoulder muscles; Head a wedge, most ear hairs; Long nose, end take color; The pink claw hands. Eyes round, as the amber; A longer tail, was Mao Zhimi and golden brown.

Adaptability :
Child Friendly :
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