Appaloosa   Report Error

Origin Country :
North America

Common Use : Dressage, Riding, Jumping, Athletics, Racing, Endurance, Work, Polo

Colors :
Black White Brown Gray Chest Nut Palomino Roan Grullo Cremello Buckskin

Blooded Horse Type : Warmblood

Others Name : -

Height : 64 inches

Weight : 1100 Pounds

Age : 30 Years

Characteristics :

Most defining feature of Appaloosa Horse is their spotted coats which are found in 5 precise patterns, these patterns are Blanket, Leopard, Snowflake, Marble and Frost. Leopard complex spotted coat pattern is mostly seen in Appaloosa Horse breed.  They have light & dark stripes on their feet. There is white membrane around the eyes. Their tail & mane is usually light & thin. Appaloosa Horse is light breed horse.  Around the muzzle, anus, genitalia & eyes, Appaloosa Horses have skin mottling.

Personality :

Appaloosa Horse breed is versatile, compact, quick & mild mannered. Appaloosa Horse is easily trainable as they have personality of pleasant & calm disposition. In a variety of equestrian disciplines Appaloosa Horse is used due to its personality and also in some Hollywood movies.

Temperament :

Appaloosa Horses are warm blooded horses that make them combination of hot blood and cold blood horses. As they posses quality of both to some extent being strength from hot blood but less excitability from cold horses. For Riding & light work, Appaloosa Horse is good. They are Level-heads and even, submissive, quiet and bold & spirited also.

Care :

Generally Appaloosa Horse breed is perceived healthy, yet there are two breed specific known health issues, these issues are equine recurrent uveitis (ERU) and congenital stationary night blindness (CSNB). Sunburn is also a health problem of Appaloosa Horse as they pink skin easily gets exposed to sun rays & heat. Moderate amount of food is required by Appaloosa Horse.

History :

In 16th century, in America, some spotted horses were found with Spaniards and reached Northern America, there Nez Perce Indian bride started to raise them. This breed is type of Native American Horses. In 18th Century, Nez Perce Indian tribe developed American Breed Appaloosa Horse in Oregon. Later in 1877, these Nez Perce couldn&rsquot stay in America, as forced to leave by US Army, but Appaloosa Horse lived over there and reformed when Appaloosa Horse Club came in existence in 1938.

Suitable :

Slightly experienced owners of horses are good for Appaloosa Horse. Generally they are healthy and multi talented for doing variety of work. As they have various abilities, many of needs of owners can be fulfilled by this horse breed. Horse shows and events are also handled by Appaloosa Horse. It is kind of low maintenance breed. Throughout the United States, Appaloosa Horse breed is readily available.

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