Manipuri   Report Error

Origin Country :

Common Use : Riding, Racing, Endurance, Work

Colors :
Gray Chest Nut Bay

Blooded Horse Type : Warmblood

Others Name : Manipur Horse

Height : 48-55 inches

Weight : 400-450 Pounds

Age : 28-34 Years

Characteristics :

With Straight profile, Manipuri Horse has light wedge shaped head, a well formed muscular neck and deep chest. Manipuri Horse shoulders are little sloped. Hooves are well proportioned, having sturdy legs, Manipuri Horse croup is sloping. Manipuri Horses are shorter in comparison to other horses breed and lighter than other average horses breed. Batak, Sumba and Burmese Horses of Indonesia also resemble Manipuri Horses. Manipuri Horses have alert ears and wide set eyes. 

Personality :

As per Arabian horses, Manipuri Horse has overall elegant appearance. Meitei Sagol is rare breed of Manipuri Horses. Manipuri Ponies are famous for their intelligence, speed and stamina. For using working activities also these Manipuri Ponies are extreme agile and tough. Present days, Manipuri Horse breed is used for polo racing mainly and there is demand for these horses in military transport use also. There are different patterns and colours in Manipur Horses like Kona, Mangay, Karu, Mora and Kabrang. 

Temperament :

Qualities and temperament possessed by Manipuri Horse varies depending upon their patterns and colouring. As there are 70 diverse patterns and colours are available in these horses so temperament differs. All Manipuri Horses are very quick and manoeuvrable.

Care :

Food of Manipuri Horses include hay and grain. Training should be provided to Manipuri Horse to excel. In medical care, exam veterinary fees, vaccinations, dental care and de-worming are included. For any Medical serious issues, Emergency Medical Insurance is must. In every 8 weeks, trimming and shoeing of Manipuri Horse should be performed. With regular veterinary checkups, a healthy lifestyle can be maintained. 

History :

Manipuri Horse breed is Indian developed Horse breed. It is believed that Manipuri Horse breed came in existence from crossing Mongolian White Horse, Arabian or Tibetan Horse. In 17th and 18th Century these horses were used as cavalry horses. In British Emperor Manipuri Horse were used as polo ponies. It is very distant breed from Marwari horse breed it is one of studied Indian equine breeds of horses along with 4 horses breed. Originally this breed was bred for military usage and Polo.

Suitable :

Owing a horse is related to being ready for all ongoing and upfront costs pertaining to horse. To afford a horse one have to be clear about one time (Pet Purchase Vet Check and Trailer & Tack expenses) and throughout life expenses of horse. Manipuri Horse is suitable for people mainly interest in polo game, as these horses excel in same.  Else they can be used for General Riding and Endurance Riding also.  

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