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Origin Country :
North America

Common Use : Riding, Jumping, Racing, Endurance, Work

Colors :
Black White Brown Gray Chest Nut Bay Dun Palomino Roan Cremello Perlino Buckskin

Blooded Horse Type : Hotblood

Others Name : Morgan

Height : 60 inches

Weight : 950 Pounds

Age : 30 Years

Characteristics :

Easily a Morgan horse can be recognised by upright graceful neck, proud carriage, blended with soundness of limb, stamina & athleticism. Their head is expressive with large prominent eyes, throatlatch is slight deeper & withers are defined and have compact and short back body. They are known for their adaptability, attitude & tractability.

Personality :

Morgan horse breed is strong, brave and intelligent breed of horses. Variety of purposes like coach pulling, racing & harnessing can be fulfilled by Morgan horses. Morgan horses have personality to please people. Morgan horses are affordable to own and easy to own. When Morgan horses are ridden in English Style under western tack, they show very elegant & aristocratic free moving behaviour.

Temperament :

A versatile set of qualities of Morgan horse can help its rider or owner in very daily needs and also in competitive trail riding and driving. Morgan horses are hot blooded and have tendency to be on hot side and not for leisurely pace. They are alert, very responsive and eager performer. Morgan horses are strong & true, athletic, eager to please & brave. They have good reputation of being intelligent, hardworking and active. Morgan horses have tractable temperament.

Care :

No such specific health issue is known for Morgan horses, they can be kept simply by providing normal lifestyle including food, Farrier (shoeing & trimming), medical care (exam, vaccinations, deworming, veterinary checkups, dental care) and training to be performed on weekly or monthly basis. An emergency Medical Insurance is also necessary for Morgan horse.

History :

Morgan horse breed was founded by Justin Morgan in late 1700s. Ancestors of Morgan horses are Welsh Cob, Thoroughbred, Arabian and Barb. In 1909, American Morgan Horse Association was founded. In history, Morgan Horses were used in American Civil war as cavalry. In development of American Standardbred, there is crucial role of Morgan Horse breed. First Morgan Horse name was &lsquoFigure&rsquo. Further Sherman, Bulrush, and Woodbury horses kept the legacy of Morgan horses to Future generation.

Suitable :

Morgan horse are generally healthy, multi talented and suitable for advanced owners. These Morgan horses are hot blood and cannot be suitable for novice owners of horse because they are very spirited and sensitive. As hot blood horses are very responsive and respond to even small details of riders so they need to be ride by experienced owners or riders. As they have all qualities for being extraordinary partner for their owner, so it is advised to be kept by people with equine experience.

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