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Welcome to MesoPet – The Best Online Store To Buy Branded Dog Foods!

Having a healthy dog at home is like a blessing that brings happiness to each family member. The importance of having a pet dog and its increasing social acceptance can be understood by the statistics- ‘The population of pet dogs in India is expected to cross 31 million by the end of 2023; it was 19.5 million in 2018’ (Statista, Oct 16, 2020). You too might have experienced the happiness and benefits of dog parenting in multiple ways; therefore, it becomes your responsibility to take care of your dog in the best possible manner. MesoPet makes it easy for you to buy a range of competitively priced dog care products online including dry food, wet food, toys, treats, healthcare, grooming, and everything else you may need to be a caring dog parent.

What Are the Most Used Types Of Dog Foods?

To feed your dog well like a caring parent, you need the best quality dog food that could provide all the needed supplements in a balanced quantity which are medically required to maintain their health and growth. As being the # 1 online store supplying the widest range of dog food in India, we welcome you to explore the options in each category:

Dry Food for Dogs: It is the most economical choice for dog owners. It has a longer shelf life without refrigeration; therefore, buying larger packs is an intelligent way to save more. Dry food is known for producing less tartar; so, this type of dog food supports dog’s dental health. The top trending dry food for dogs include IAMS Proactive Health, Pedigree Adult Vegetarian, Drools Optimum, Royal Canin Golden etc.

Wet Food for Dogs: Wet dog foods are relatively costlier but these are rich in protein that your dog needs. However, you should trust only the premium brands like JerHigh, Pedigree, Farmina, Drools etc. to ensure that you are feeding your dog a balanced quantity of protein.

Raw Food for Dogs: The dog foods of this type are super energy booster and are liked by all the dogs. Raw dog food contains raw meat and uncooked bones. Dogs have more stomach acids and short intestinal tracts that help them digest raw food easily. IAMS Proactive Health, Royal Canin Golden, Acana Adult etc are excellent examples of Raw dog food.

The other types of dog food we supply include food toppings, frozen food, dehydrated food, veterinary diets etc.

Why Chose Mesopet To Buy Dog Food:

We are committed to providing the widest range of options to feed your lovely dog without compromising on quality and nutritional value. Our customer-centric approach and 360 0 support for your pet make us the most favorite online dog food store of several dog owners across India. Apart from this, we also :

  • Offer the lowest prices
  • Offer the widest dog food range
  • Represent most of top-ranking dog food brands
  • Assure timely delivery
  • Have an efficient team of dependable professionals to guide you
  • And above all- We respect your trust on MesoPet.