Beaphar Macadam Cat Shampoo - 250 ml

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Beaphar 'Shampoo for Cats' with Macadamia Oil is specially formulated for the sensitive skin of kittens and cats. It has a Mild and neutral pH that ensures gentle formulation for young kittens. Beaphar Shampoo Macadamia Oil contains Phytosterol that helps build skin and cell membranes and reduce irritation. The macadamia oil present in the given product provides proper moisture to the skin and has Linoleic acid known for resisting TEWL(Transepidermal water loss). Hence, it provides healthy and shiny fur and also ensures that your cat smells fresh. Beaphar Shampoo Macadamia Oil contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids that prevent skin irritation.

  • Mfg. Date : 3/3/2022
  • Exp. Date : 1/3/2027
  • Batch Number : N/A
  • SKU Number : 10537
  • GTIN Number : 8711231182824
  • Origin Country : India
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Product Details

This shampoo is a rich, premium shampoo. It is a specially formulated deep-conditioning shampoo for cats. This shampoo contains macadamia oil to bring life and condition to the dullest coat. Wet the coat with lukewarm water. Massage the shampoo into the skin until it lathers. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Key Features:

  • APT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES- Beaphar Macadam Cat Shampoo is a grooming product apt for cats of both long and short hair type
  • MAINTAINS PH BALANCE- This shampoo is PH-neutral, which makes it the ideal coat care product for cats.
  • FOR FLUFFY COAT- This oil-based shampoo treats frizz and nourishes the hair follicles, fighting off hair loss and brittle strands that leave a fluffy coat.
  • REDUCES HAIR SHEDDING- Beaphar Macadam shampoo is made with all-natural and botanical extracts that help reduce hair shedding in cats.
  • WITH THE BENEFITS OF MACADAMIA OIL- This shampoo comes with the benefits of Macadamia oil that helps moisturize the skin and regenerate the dead pores. It also adds a natural sheen to the coat.
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