Our staff spends time interacting with and monitoring the pets to ensure their safety and happiness while they are with us.
A home-based kennel-free boarding where your pooch will be spoilt with love and care. With a 24*7 caretaker always at their disposal, the furry tails have the time of their lives playing and being naughty all day. Skipper, the eldest dachshund & Ivy, the younger lab are always up for playtime and food, of course. Customized meals as per your pet’s taste, we here make sure they feel at home and never have the time to miss you.
Being full of fur & energy, it is superlative to maintain a clean area at all times. Our dedicated staff makes sure the facility is squeaky clean 24*7. Constant checks are made to ensure zero transfer of ticks & fleas. While the facility remains clean, taming these power houses of energy is a tough one.
We believe in giving each pet the most home-like environment, which is the reason the facility does not have any cages. Keeping them off the leash and happy, is what we do each day. The happiest place on earth, that is what we are building here, for every furball.


  • Dog Care
  • Holiday Boarding
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Shelter
  • Grooming
  • CCTV Access
  • Day Care
  • Leash Free Boarding


Sector 21C
Faridabad, Haryana - 121001