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MesoPet – Welcome to Buy Fish Foods Online!

Over the years, MesoPet has become one of the best online fish food stores supplying the premium quality range of fish foods across India offered by top brands. Having an active presence in Noida and New Delhi, we have a dependable supply chain network across India to supply fish foods in a minimum period without fail.   

Fish are known to deliver a calming effect on their owners to keep them stress-free. Popular for being a calm and clean pet that needs minimum time to care but fish food is a critical area you need to focus the most. We as being the specialist fish foods supplier offer you the widest range of choices for any type of fish food, supplement, and health-protective products.   

How to Select the Best Aquarium Fish Food?

Food selection for pet fish depends upon the species of fish because every fish type has different nutrient requirements and particular liking. You will find the complete range of quality aquarium fish food at MesoPet for particular concerns:

  • Nutritional needs (Optimum fish foods are the high nutritional fish foods)
  • Animal ingredients
  • Plant ingredients
  • Quality standard
  • Price/affordability  

What Are the Most Used Fish Food Types?

What is the best food for fish? Or, what is the best natural food for pet fish? These are the two most asked questions by the less experienced pet fish owners. The commonly used fish foods by aquarium owners and fish lovers are:

  • Dried food for Fish: It is the most popular Betta fish food category because of being cheap as

well as because of the availability of a wider variety. Dried fish food meets all the requirements of fish pet – carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. More in used dried fish foods are:

  • Flakes
  • Crisps
  • Pellets – floating, slow-sinking, and fast-sinking
  • Stick-on tablet
  • Wafers
  • Freeze-dried foods for fish: Unlike normal dried foods containing different ingredients, freeze-

dried foods are live foods dried whole. These have longer shelf life than dried fish foods. Some popular variants of freeze-dried foods are brine shrimp, blackworms, daphnia, tubifex, krill, etc Vacation fish foods: It is an excellent dependable choice if your fish pets live alone when you are home away for long hours. These slow-releasing fish foods are available in densely-packed blocks that dissolve slowly to keep your pet fish fed well.  

  • Frozen pet fish foods: Frozen fish foods are single live foods that are frozen in to cubic shape. It

is an excellent choice if the feeding period rolls on. 

  • Fresh fish food: It may be surprising but omnivores fish like fresh food like peas and squashes. 

Mesopet – The Best Fish Foods Supply Store

Trust MesoPet while searching for the ‘best Fish Food near me’. We give you many reasons to choose us as a quality fish foods supplier. Whether you have Betta fish, Flowerhorn, Koi fish, Cichlid fish, Saltwater fish or any other type of fish in your aquarium, we have the top fish foods brands to supply at the lowest price: 

  • Bush 
  • Optimum 
  • Toyaa Bits 
  • Royal Pet  
  • Hikari 
  • Tropical
  • Sera Goldy
  • Toya
  • TetraBits
  • Sobo Daewoo ….. others

Mesopet – Simply The Best Online Aquarium Fish Food Store