Beagles are friendly, loyal and fun-loving who also happen to enjoy human company. They are also good with kids and don't harm them. Beagles are covered with medium-length coat and there can be various colours to this breed. A Beagle weighs around 20 to 25 pounds and is approximately 15 inches tall. If you already own a Beagle or are planning to keep it as a pet, you must know how to take care of them. So, here we bring some tips, scroll down to read:

1. When you plan to buy or adopt a Beagle, you must ensure that it should be at least eight weeks old. Make sure you buy it from a reputed breeder.

2. Before welcoming the little guest, make sure you have arranged all the necessary dog accessories like water and food bowl, bed, toys, food and grooming accessories like brush, nail clippers, comb, shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner etc.

3. Feed your Beagle pup thrice daily i.e. make sure your little bundle of joy doesn't skip breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure to ask the breeder which type of food is appropriate for the pup.

4. Make sure you provide required quantity of water to your pup, especially with every meal.

5. Don't forget to wash the food bowl every day.

6. Make sure that you keep the doors and windows of your home closed as Beagles are famous for escaping. When taking them out, use a leash.

7. Get rid of all such things, like toxic substances, open wires or pointed stuff, that may cause a danger to your pet.

8. Take your pup to a vet regularly and get it vaccinated. Follow every instruction given to you by your vet.

6. Make sure your pup takes shower every day. Use good dog shampoo and conditioner to wash it and brush its hair. Also use flea comb to remove dirt and fleas. Also wipe their eyes and ears. Keep them clean every day.

7. Provide proper training, including litter training to you pup. Train a Beagle with small rewards and treats.

8. Do not leave your pup alone at home, especially during its initial days, as Beagles enjoy the company of their family.

Author: Sapna Rana
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