Christmas 2021 is just a week away. Celebrating pet safe Christmas is a common concern for the pet parents. The holly Christmas tree in your home may contain some toxic contents that can cause gastrointestinal distress to your pet if eaten. Leaving your lovely pet alone at the time of the greatest years&rsquo best celebration is no way to celebrate Christmas you should celebrate the Christmas with your every day companion. To help you ensure that your pets enter into 2022 in good health, I summarize some easy-to-follow safety tips.

  1. Heath is a Major Concern: A good planning ahead of Christmas is a sign of a responsible pet parent. You should have complete information of a nearby vet to address the health issues at the earliest. It becomes more important because many vets also may be on holiday.
  2. Prepare For Emergency Health Care: Having phone numbers and addresses of 24/7 emergency vet hospital is a must-do exercise. Check your pet first-aid kit to refresh it and keep it at an easy to locate spot. Carry it in your car also while going out.
  3. Don&rsquot Use Lit Candles: Your pet can knock down lit candles to cause a heavy loss to self and your spaces by fire breakout better, you use LED candles.  
  4. Keep Alcoholic Christmas Drinks Out of Reach: Even little consumption of alcohol can cause confusion, labored breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. The problems in winter season become more intense. This tip is for Christmas celebration as well for round the year.
  5. Don&rsquot Feed the Pet with Table Scraps: According to veterinarians, the foods we eat traditionally on Christmas are enriched with fat. Feeding your pet with table scraps may cause pancreatitis to your pet.
  6. Use Christmas Meal That Is Safe For Your Pet Also: If you want your pet to be a part of the Christmas celebration, prepare meal that is safe for him/her. White meat without skin, plain rice, and dog-safe veggies are good choices to delight your pet with Christmas meal.   
  7. Monitor Dough Consumption: Dough based dish is a common part of Christmas meal. Pets love dough and tend to eat in quantity. More quantity of dough in stomach may cause discomfort, bloating, and other serious complications. 
  8. Keep The Christmas Tree Wall Mounted Or At A Height:  Christmas tree decoration is done with many eatables that may not be good for your pet but your pet has a great temptation for these. Chocolates, sweets, colorful eatable balls, decorative small sized plastic/rubber balls, dripping water are injurious to the health of your pet. Better, you keep the Christmas tree out of reach of your pet by blocking around or fixing at a height.
  9. Don&rsquot Use Too Much Decorative Items: Specially dress your pet for Christmas celebration but don&rsquot use so many beatifying and decorative items because these make your pet uncomfortable. Same is thing for pet&rsquos hideout. Focus on the comfort of pet.

Outing with pet on pet holidays is a common practice. Do not limit your passion but use a harness or carrier to secure your pet while on a drive. Never leave your pet alone in car.



There are many things you have not thought about before but this time plan ahead with focus on pet-friendly Christmas celebration to make 2022 a great year for pet parenting. MesoPet, a leading online pet care products store with presence in Delhi and Noida, offers online vet&rsquos assistance to help the pet owners celebrate pet-safe Christmas. You can consult free to add new dimensions to the responsible pet parenting.  

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