India has been battling with extension of maternity leave for women and has finally reached to a respectable count. Though the count is still less for paternity leave as men in this country supposedly do not have a productive role in the process.

But startup companies like CollarFolk and GoZoop have gone a step further to introduce a 10 day leave for those employees who have adopted a pet. It definitely is a welcome step for pet lovers as they get ample of time on hands to take care of their pet and get used to its needs and habits.

GoZoop which is a Mumbai based digital market services company has also come up with a special allowance for that visit to the vet or fancy spoiling by taking the pet to a pet salon etc etc.

There have been instances where a hotel executive's pet was sick and she wanted to stay at home and nurse the pet. The company when informed about the reason of her leave granted her the same. A popular tea retail company does not give its employees leave instead offers them a chance to sit at home and work so the pet does not have to suffer. They do allow them to take leave if the pet falls sick though.

There is a concept of Pet Insurance in foreign countries but this idea is still new in our country. Though insurance companies have been coming up with projects for the same but it has not got a boom as of yet in the insurance sector.

Various companies also allow the pet owners to bring their furry friends to office where they can play and be looked after by professionals so they can work in peace. 

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 It is important to mutually co-exist in this world and for this we need to become sensitive towards discrimination against animals. This is a small step towards that but an important one indeed. Our world needs to become pet friendly and so does our office. 

Author: Rupali Kukreti
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Rupali Kukreti is a Delhite and is fond of animals. She is a freelance writer by profession and very updated about animal rights. She is very particular about the way animals are treated by us humans. She has a Cat named Mia who is her best company. She likes to feed not only her cat but also the stray cats and dogs in the neighborhood. She strongly believes that torturing these poor souls is the height of committing the most inhuman of acts by our race. She is interested in various breeds of animals and their behavior patterns and likes to research and share her knowledge with the world.

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