No formal training or certification is required to become a pet groomer. One can learn the skills by undertaking training for a month or so, under the guidance of an experienced groomer. Depending on the country you belong, you can attend pet grooming schools. In countries like United States, Europe etc. there are pet grooming schools. If you live in a country where these schools are not available, consider taking a course online. Certification is not a necessity, but if available it will certainly add to your reputation and credibility and will also help you learn the correct way of grooming, keeping close to the standards as possible for pet shows and competitions. Beginners in the field, often start by taking up the basics, such as bathing and drying the dog. They eventually assume responsibility for the entire grooming process, from the initial brush-out to the final clipping. Once they have gained experience, groomers move into supervisory or managerial positions. Experienced groomers often choose to open their own shops. Experienced pet groomers often host seminars or classes in metro cities, and attending these events can be a valuable first step for any prospective pet groomer. Working for a local groomer, joining a groomers association are options for prospective dog groomers or pet care professionals. It can provide training and education for a variety of disciplines and help build up the skill set needed for a successful career in the industry. Those in the field can also go for online pet grooming and training courses which will enhance an existing training program, or provide comprehensive training for certification or a diploma. Even if you are experienced in grooming your own dog, you will still need to learn the grooming styles of other breeds for which online course or training under an experienced groomer is a must.

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