Having a pet of your own may result in having you multitask the whole time but once it starts to affect you in a positive way, it definitely is all worth.

Pets make you strong and smart Recent studies reveal that those who have pets at home have healthy self esteem and they are less likely to feel neglected or left out. Also, their overall development is higher on a personality scale than those who don't have pets as pets help people to connect with their emotional being without having to say a single word.

Pets teach you the real meaning of love There is no scope for harsh come backs and selfish motives in order to boost that ego. As a result, people with pets tend to lead a happy and healthy life as the major chunk of time goes in the pet's lap, who just knows how to give back love. Not saying that their relationship with their pets displaces their relationships with close ones but the inner circle gets bigger and better.

Pets keep you healthy and fit They go for walks together pets keep their owners on their toes as they need them to play along.

Pets never leave you alone in the need of hour It is easy for people with pets to recover from a sudden loss or any emotional set back, as pets never leave their owners in the times of need. They cry, when they cry and laugh, when they laugh. Pets have been known to heal heartbreak better than chocolates. The image of a heartbroken person hugging his/her pet tightly gradually melts away the trauma of having the heart broken in the first place.

Pets calm you down A study reveals that just watching a few fishes swimming so effortlessly in that fish tank have the power to lower your blood pressure. Why do you think there always is an aquarium in a Dentist's Clinic? 

Pets are good with children which help fighting the early signs of depression, if any. When a child at school writes an essay on their favorite pet, one should observe the emotions he tries to express in his essay. The attachment begins at a very young age. Having a pet makes the child both emotionally and psychologically strong to take on the world. For youngsters pets are that mode of carefree enjoyment that is listed beyond watching movies and gaming.

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Pets alter your mood. Did we say Prozac? Trust us they are better than those pills. Pets have the power to change your mood. Picture this! You are extremely angry at someone and on the verge of an outburst. The moment you get home fuming and stomping foot, your pet runs to you and hugs your feet asking for your love and attention. Are you sure your anger would be able to resist those puppy eyes? The answer is NO. Hence, goes away your temper, bringing back wisdom to ponder upon reasons that made you angry in the first place.

The most important thing in this world is to give love and you will feel that void of yours filling up with the help of pets and soon you will know nothing about being depressed.

Author: Shweta
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Shweta is the spark of our office. She ensures there is smile on everyone’s face and that includes pets. She has a pug that comes with her to the office. Apart from the office work she manages to feed Honey (her pug), plays with him and makes a courier boy out of him for official use. She knows instantly what is ailing him and this reflects in her articles as well. In her articles she talks about how pets feel when scolded and trained and how to manage them with emotions all intact. She also is an avid traveler and the pug travels with her too, so she knows about the difficulties of travelling with a pet and how to overcome them. She is the twinkle of our eye like Honey is of hers.

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