Cats are cute and adorable and many people love to keep them as pet. Whether you already own a cat or planning to bring home one, you should know the facts about the feline. Here are some really interesting facts about  Cats:

1. Did you know that cats are born blind? Yes, it's true. They gain vision during the first two weeks after their birth.

2. Cats have fundamental non-functional collar bones. This is the reason why they are able to compact themselves through tight spaces. Their balance and footsteps are also managed by this.

3. Cats have three eyelids, which we human can see usually. However, if these are visible very frequently, it indicates that the cat is unwell.

4. Cats have human-like vision during the day time, but they can see far better than humans in the dark. This is due to the big pupils and their ability to gather light behind their eyes because of a pensive retinal surface.

5. Cats have a stronger smelling sense in comparison to the humans.

6. Cats have a better hearing capability than humans and other animals.

7. Cats don't have various taste buds, hence they are poor in tasting sweets. 

8. Cats have more spines than humans, they even have it in their tails.

Author: Gaurav Kumar
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Gaurav hails from Kanpur and loves animals to the core. When not in his office, he likes to spend his time with his Golden Retriever Rocky and his tiny little squirrel that he has so aptly named Suriayya. He maintains the hygiene of his pets in an impeccable way. He never goes for a long drive without his furry friends and the trio enjoy the trip every time. He takes keen interest in the well being and training of pets and that makes him do research about their health and behavior issues which he likes to share with all the pet lovers through his blog.

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