Teacup Chihuahua, as the name suggests, are so tiny that they can easily sit in a cup of tea. Don't think that they will require less attention since they are small, they rather need a lot of care.

Here are some tips to take care of Teacup Chihuahua:

Avoid putting them on a height as jumping off from there may leave them injured. Small dogs like Teacup Chihuahua are prone to hypoglycemia, a condition caused due to the below normal decrease in blood glucose levels. So, keep feeding your pet in short intervals during the day.

Teacup Chihuahua gains weight easily, so make them exercise regularly.

Teacup Chihuahua are also prone to gum and tooth problems. So, make sure you brush their teeth every day. Keep your darling pet away from dangerous things like sharp objects, toxic products and open wires to save them from being hurt.

Breed Information:

Origin: Mexico

Coat: Long, short

Shedding: Minimal

Color: Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Silver, White

Temperament: Alert, quick, courageous, lively, devoted

Litter Size: 3-5 puppies

Good with child: Yes

Health Concerns - Major: Patellar luxation, Minor: Corneal dystrophy, Color dilution alopecia, Cryptorchidism, Demodicosis, Glaucoma, Mitral valve disease, and Hydrocephalus

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