Dog Leash is a very useful accessory that keeps your dog under control, while letting them be safe and protected at the same time. Dog owners use Dog Leash especially when they take their pet out for a walk.

There is a variety of Dog Leashes available in the market, but you should always buy one that suits your particular needs. Before buying a Dog Leash for your pet, you should know and understand whether it is solving your purpose or not. Here are the various types of Dog Leash.

Nylon Leash

Light weight and durable, the Nylon Leash is available in various colours, patterns and widths in the market. This particular leash is suitable for dog training at home. Avoid using it when you take your dog out as it may hurt your palms in case you struggle hard with your dog when it turns nasty.

Leather Leash

Since Leather is an expensive material, expect this leash to be pricy. Also, Leather Leash requires proper maintenance and a lot of care, though it is durable. You can clean it using a damp cloth and mild soap.

Retractable Leash

The Retractable Leash is like a measuring tape and can measure up to 26 feet. This leash is apt for training and playing with your dog. Do not leave your dog unattended since this leash is too long.

Adjustable Leash

Adjustable Leash, as the name suggests, can be adjusted according to your needs. The loops and clasp in the leash allow you to shorten and lengthen it depending upon the requirement. The adjustable leashes come in nylon and other materials as well.

Martingale Leash

A show ring, Martingale leash combines collar and leash into one piece. The pet is made to wear the collar from over his head and you just need to tighten it by a plastic tube, while pulling the leash.

Bicycle or Multiple Dog Walking Leash 

Multiple Dog Leash, as the name suggests, allows you to take multiple dogs for a walk. This particular leash is perfect for those who own more than one dog. You can also attach this leash on your bicycle's back wheel, if you want to bring your pets along.

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