For most dog owners their pet is like a member of the family. Taking your furry companion for walks at the park and including them in your life&rsquos events is something you enjoy. 

But to manage and look after a dog at home and to take them out across town or across the country in a motor vehicle are two different things. No matter if you are planning for a long or short trip, below are some essential safety tips which you need to keep in mind while driving with dogs in the car.

Safe Spot

It can be dangerous to make your pet sit in your lap while you are driving the car. In order to ensure safety of your journey, it is advisable to keep your dog safe in the back seat of your vehicle. The safest place is the centre of back seat. It is important to use a harness or seatbelt to ensure the safety of your dog during a sharp break or an unfortunate collision.

Awareness of the Laws

There are laws for travelling with pets in your vehicle. Yes, you heard it right. And they vary from place to place, so it is important for you to do some researches before you actually move out to avoid getting fined.

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Keep Some Food and Water Ready 

You should make it a point to carry some water and dog food to keep your furry friend nourished during the journey. Dogs need regular access to water and it is necessary to keep in mind their needs and requirements, like we do of ours.

Take a Break

It's not a good idea to expect your pet to continuously sit for long hours in a vehicle. When on a long trip, make it a point to stop after every two or three hours and allow them to get out to stretch themselves. Meanwhile, you should also go for a little walk and enjoy the break.

Prepare Yourself to Deal with Carsick Dogs

The challenges of long road trips multiply when your dog gets carsick or is afraid of travelling. For a carsick dog, you may have to consult your veterinarian about medications to keep your dog calm or make him or her sleepy. But in case your dog is afraid of car rides, there are some ways in which you can train him to actually enjoy them. You can make your dog feel more comfortable in the car by taking him or her out on short trips to some fun place, like a dog park. This process might take time, so you need to start well in advance of any long trips.

Lock it well!

It is easy for dogs to open the automatic windows of a car. It might sound harmless but there have been instances when dogs have actually jumped out of moving vehicles in excitement. Therefore, even if your dog enjoys riding with their heads out of the window, it is for their safety to keep the windows closed. Also, it is not at all advisable to leave your pet all alone in the car. Few places have laws against keeping your pet unattended in a vehicle. It could get suffocating for them. 

While travelling with a dog, it is your duty to attend to all their needs and requirements. You have to be quite attentive and proactive in caring for them as they cannot take care of themselves. Keep these simple tips in mind while you are planning for a long trip with your dog and enjoy the memorable journey. 

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Author: Sapna Rana
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Sapna Rana has been a pet enthusiast since childhood and she has a heart of gold when it comes to these furry kiddies. She takes care of all the stray dogs in her neighbourhood and ensures they are vaccinated on time to prevent any biting mishaps. She has been a writer and an editor since 2009, specializing in health, nutrition, gardening and outdoor living. Her articles reverberate of the unsung emotions of the pets. Her prime focus revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming and understanding their psyche.

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