Nowadays, there are plenty of different types of cat breeds available which will be differ based on the characteristics such as affectionate with the family, shedding, potential for the playfulness, kid friendly, simple to groom, intelligence and general health. 

The feral cat or the domestic are the small, carnivorous animals and the typically funny.There are habitually called at the house or home cats when reserved as indoor pets and easily cats while there is no require differentiating from some of the other felines and fields. The anatomy of the cat breeds is looked same for the some of the other kind of the felids, with the strong, quick reflexes, flexible body, sharp and perfect retractable claws as well as the teeth is adapted to kill the small size of prey.


this cat breed is the best pet-friendly and intelligence breeds which are the medium height breed. The lifespan of this breed is the nine years to fifteen years and weight will be six to ten pounds. The fine and short coat helps to easily remove the skin oils and dead hair in the body. The weekly brushing help to prevent your breed from the Periodical problems.


The color of this cat breed is the main highlights of this cat. All the characteristics of the Balinese cat breed are excellent like pet-friendly, affectionate, potential to play and easy to groom. This is the medium size, breed that weight is the five to ten pounds. You will teeth and comb your cat breed twice in a week. Good to maintain this cat breed in the indoor which will help to protect your cat from the diseases.

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Compared to other cat breeds the life span of Chartreux is high like eleven to fifteen years. The diseases are not easily affected by this breed and color of this breed is black. This is easily adaptable for your family. The hunting power is excellent for this breed. The weekly once, brushing, combing and proper diet plans are very important to make your breed healthy and beautiful. Get advice from the health provider of your breed at least once in a month.

Devon Rex:

The Devon Rex is the breed of the intelligent, short haired cat that is emerged in the England. Most of the people loves Devon Rex wants to be a pet for their family. The height and weight of this cat breed are normal. The main reason for people loves this cat breed is affectionate with the family members and kid friendly. The color of Devon Rex is a combination of black and white. They are also known for their wavy coat, large ears and slender bodies.

Egyptian Mau:

Egyptian Mau is the small to medium sized short haired cat breed. The Egyptian Mau is only the natural spotted domestic cat. The coat color of the Egyptian Mau is the mixing of bronze or smoke and silver, which have large size gooseberry green eye. This is the normal size, breed and the life span of this cat breed is the twelve years to fifteen years.

Normally, the cat breeds are easily adaptable with your family. Compared to the other type of pet animals most of the people love the cats due to the appearance, habits and characteristics of cat breeds are really impressing the people. The different categories of the cat breeds are explained above  which will help to pick the best. Approach the best and the professional cat breeder to pick your cat breed at excellent form.

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