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Overview :

Bengal Cats are affectionate with family having less amount of shedding; they are very friendly with kids. Bengal cats are very active, responsive and fun loving; if you won them you can’t ignore them. Generally Bengal Cats are healthy, still one has to take care of their health. Bengal cats have good potential for playfulness. They are easy to groom. Bengal cats love other animals also in house, they are pet friendly. In intelligence, one can rate Bengal cats 9 out of 10 as these cats are very intelligent. Bengal cat should be treated well in health, care and grooming. Weekly schedule of grooming, in which cleanliness should be priority, is must for Bengal cat. As their look is jungle look so they can catch prey very well, need to keep away from smaller rabbits, hamsters & guinea pig.

Origin Country :

Body Type : Medium

Eyes : Large

Other Name :  

Tail Size : Thick, tapered at end with rounded tip.

Life Span : 11 -12 Years

Weight : 14 - 15 Pounds

Kitten Price : Average $600 - $1000 USD

Coat Length : Medium

Temperament : Alert, Friendly, Lively, Social

Color :
Black Brown Cream

Body Type :

Bengal cat has strong modified wedge shape head having rounded contours & body with jungle belonging look. Bengal Cat Body is athletic. Eyes shape of Bengal cat is oval round. Legs are medium and slight difference in front & rear ones having round large paws. Tail is usually black and having medium-length tail tapers. Began cat cannot be delicate. Bengal Cat has dense, lush and soft coat. Bengal Cat has muscular & strong Body & neckline. Bengal cat&rsquos ears are small size to medium size. Bengal cat appearance is wild cat appearance. Bengal cats having ever charged full energy body. Sometime Bengal cat totally look like leopard cat. Bengal cats are agile and slim.

Color :

Colour patterns of Bengal cats are brown tabby, black silver tabby, seal mink tabby, and seal silver lynx point. Bengal cats can be black (melanistic), brown, silver, snowy, charcoal & cinnamon and chocolate coloured. Tri colour gives Bengal cats &lsquorosettes&rsquo.

Temperament :

It is really fun to live with Bengal cat, but sometimes it can become a challenging to own Bengal cat. Needed to take care, else your Bengal can become very good at learning some unusual activities. They can learn to on or off lights of room or DVD player operations how to insert CD in and out. These kinds of some destructive habits can be learned by Bengal Cat. Bengal cats are very much friendly in playing in water or they like actions with water but as they are very active, they can break aquarium placed in their reach with their clever paws. Climbing is their hobby and they love to reach to highest place they find in home, even puzzle toys can be used to check cat&rsquos intelligence. They also like sit in lap, but this occasion will be rare when she is not involved in any other activity. No doubt they are affectionate so it&rsquos common for them to share your bed with you and don&rsquot forget they are good in stealing covers also.

Coat :

Colour patterns of Bengal cat are coated in horizontal & random patterns or marble patterns (horizontal stripes on light background) &lsquoGlitter&rsquo coat of Bengal cat is very well known as it look beautiful when furr of cat shimmers in light and gives look of gold dust tipped on cat.

Health :

There are some genetic diseases which are common in mix breed cats and pedigreed cats. Generally Bengal cats are healthy, but there are some diseases which can be found in Bengal cats. These diseases are distal neuropathy, Flat-chested kitten syndrome, Hip dysplasia, Patellar luxation, Hypertrophic cardio myopathy, polycystic kidney disease Progressive retinal atrophy, autosomal recessive disorder, PkDef (chronic anaemia) and HCM (heart disease). There are some infectious diseases also to take care like trichimonas foetus, infectious peritonitis and protozoal infection. This above list of disease should be noted, treated and diagnosed properly to keep your Bengal cat healthy. One of two diseases out of them is likely disappear with age maturity of cat.

Care :

As Bengal cat is prone to long disease list, so one should take care of Bengal care accordingly. For preventing, periodontal disease, brush teethes of cat regularly. Nails should be trimmed in every two weeks. For removing any kind of discharge, eyes should be cleaned with damp and soft cloth. Clean eyes of cat with very care because there are chances of infection so use separate cloth pieces for both of eyes. In every weekly care schedule, ears should be checked thoroughly. When cat looks dirty, take a mixture of warm water with cider vinegar in same proportion and use a damp moistened cloth dipped in this mixture as wiper. Don&rsquot use cotton swabs as they can be reason of ear internal damage. Litter box should be neat for Bengal cats as they don&rsquot like dirtiness. Bengal cats are very conscious about bathroom habits and hygiene. If litter box will be dirty, surely Bengal cat will use other place. Bengal cat should be kept inside home as there is percentage of danger of getting injured and killed by vehicles in street.

Personality :

In appearance, Bengal cat looks like Jungle Cat. Bengal cats are highly intelligent and extremely active. These cats are very talkative, friendly, sociable and responsive. Any single pin drop can be noticed by Bengal cat. They are attentive, conscious and alert every time. Fetch game is their favourite one and they like to learn tricks. Nimble paws of Bengal cat really work well as hands and they can use them very well. Bengal cat can be a good family member as they are good with other pets (cat friendly dogs also). Bengal cat love to play with children. Attention, love and respect is demanded form them. These children can be teenagers (school goings), but not toddlers because they require same energy and curiosity as they have. Amazing, but true that dogs doesn&rsquot scare Bengal cat, if introduced under controlled settings and slowly, these cats can make good friends to dogs also if they don&rsquot create any problem for them.

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