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Overview : Maine Coon cat is social, playful, active, affectionate, independent and intelligent. This cat breed has luxuriant coat available in wide variety of colours. Maine Coon cat has distinctive appearance. Maine coon is sociable and large cat. It is also called ‘the gentle giant’. It has robust bone structure and color options to buy this cat are numerous. Many of characteristics of Maine Coon cat are similar to dog’s characteristic. Its silky look, flowing coat and bushy tail make its appearance beautiful. This breed is obedient, docile & curiously gets fascinated to water. There are many health issues of which Maine Coon cat is prone, but in modern screening methods can be used by reputed breeders for minimizing the frequency of such health issues which are hereditary.

Origin Country :

Body Type : Largest

Eyes : Large

Other Name : Coon Cat, Maine Cat, Maine Shag, Snowshoe Cat, American Longhair, The gentle giants

Tail Size : Thick Tail

Life Span : 12-13 Years

Weight : 7-40 Kgs

Kitten Price : Average $250 - $450 U

Coat Length : Long

Temperament : Gentle, Independent, Intelligent

Color :
Black Golden Gray Silver White

Body Type : In domestic Cats, Maine Coon is largest breed. Maine Coon cat has muscular & solid body and chest is broad which is required to hold theirown weight. Its strong bone structure can be called well proportioned body which gives power appearance. Maine coon cat has large ears, high cheekbonesand slightly longer head. Maine Coon takes time for being fully physically mature, (3-5 years) and rectangular body shape is possessed by this cat breed.Hairs of Maine Coon cat are medium or long. Maine Coon cat has bushy raccoon-like and long tail. Coat of Maine Coon cat is very silky and soft. Length ofhairs is varied on different body parts, like some Maine Coon cats have ruff (like lion) around their neck. Maine Coon cat coat is very dense for survival forwinter climate.

Color : Brown tabby is most common colour pattern in Maine Coon cat. Other colours of Maine Coon cats are solid - black, white, red, bi colour – white &blue, red & white and they can be found in 75 different colour blend.

Temperament : Maine Coon cats are very loyal to their owners & undaunted for any type of circumstances. There are rare Maine Coon cats who likes ‘laps’but they like to follow their owner. Their nature is relaxed & easy going they are playful especially with fetch game. These cats will roam around you all time &waiting outside room or door, if door is locked. Maine Coon cat look for attention yet also satisfied if their owner is busy. Maine Coon cats are mouser. If youown this cat, this is surety that no mouse can live for more days in house, even if these cats doesn’t get mouse, they play with toys, paper & small balls. Theyhave potential of climbing as all cats have, but usually they stay on ground. You can teach them tricks having puzzles and intellectual games can be playedwith them.

Coat : Maine Coon cats have water resistant, heavy and glossy coat specially formed & shaped for adaptability of harsh climate. Texture of coat can bedifferent according to coat colour. Maine Coon cat coat & fur adapt skin characteristic according to season.

Health :

In mixed breed cats and pedigreed cats, it is common to get caught to or born with various health problems. Here is the list of health issues, which can be faced by Maine Coon cats. These are Hip dysplasia (lameness or arthritis can be result), polycystic kidney disease (heritable kidney disease which can cause renal failure, functional tissues are destroyed due to fluid-filled cysts in kidneys), Hypertrophic cardio myopathy (inherited heart disease), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and Spinal muscular atrophy (limb and trunk skeletal muscles can be affected by this genetic disorder). Now a day, a test based on DNA test is available to recognize inherited disease Hypertrophic cardio myopathy.

Care : Maine Coon cats are prone to many health issues so it is must for them to take proper care and regular check up in any abnormalities. If Maine Cooncats are groomed properly, their silky & soft texture doesn’t get matty. These cats’ hairs should be combed two times in week as it is good for distributing skinoil, removing tangles and removing dead ends. When combing, Maine Coon cats, make sure to use comb gently on tail & stomach area. A stainless steelcomb should be used. Every time when fur becomes greasy and stringy, give bath to cat. Regular bath, grooming and care are recommended. Litter boxshould be clean every day spotlessly, Maine Coon cats like neatness and god bathroom & hygiene habits. Nails, teeth, eyes of Maine Coon cat, all should becleaned properly.
Personality :

Maine Coon cats have clown like personality. These cats have amusing habits, easy nature and helpful in all activities. Many of personalities and lifestyle can be adapted by Maine Coon cat. These cats are affable, people oriented, good in nature, pleasant, active, affectionate, and good with kids and good with pets also. Soft chirp and thrill is made by them for putting any request front of you. One can find these female Maine Coon cats have very dignified nature and males Maine Coon cats having silly behaviour. These cats are sweet natured cat. Although these cats don&rsquot get mature early, so kitten behaviour remains for years in them. These cats are easy with kids and pets at home, even with dogs. Maine Coon cats are highly social and friendly.

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