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Origin Country :

Common Use : Riding, Work

Colors :
Black Gray Chest Nut Bay Piebald Palomino

Blooded Horse Type : Coldblood

Others Name : Spiti Pony, Chamurthi, Chhumurti

Height : 36-48 inches

Weight : 160-185 Kgs

Age : 22-25 Years

Characteristics :

Spiti Horse usually look like Mongolian & Tibetan breeds horse. Spiti horse has Solid & Compact Body with strong bones, Face is convex. Spiti Horse eyes are small to medium sized with black colour. Spiti Horse has erect ears. Spiti Horse tail is long and straight. Spiti Horse has deep chest, horse&rsquos shoulders are slightly sloped having coarse haired legs. As Spiti Horse lives on mountains in harsh environment, being sure footed, they are good enough for working high altitudes.

Personality :

Spiti Horse hails from mountains, Himachal Pradesh of Northern India. For mountain terrain, they are sure footed and fast with lot of load. Spiti Horse can move on ice places very smoothly. Spiti Horse has endurance of climbing high mountains. Spiti Horse can face cold easily without getting affected by cold or other disease. Spiti Horse is five gaited. For that rider sitting in comfortable way Spiti Horse uses laterals rather than diagonals. Spiti Horse does not thrive for humid or warmer environment.

Temperament :

Spiti Horse is intelligent. This horse remains alert about things happening around them, usually they are quite. These horses are working horses. Stamina and endurance in Spiti Horse is filled with great extent, though not always in a good disposition. Unreliable temperament can be shown by them sometimes. In very high altitudes, Spiti Horse is very much adaptive. Spiti Horse is also called five gaited horse.

Care :

Usually Spiti Horses are healthy, they are resistance to cold and rarely expose to disease. Without any health issue, Spiti Horse can make long journeys without getting tired or any serious health issue and capable of resisting diseases. They can run long with small amount of water and food. There are no such health issues which are faced by Spiti Horse. Their care includes the healthy environment to be given to them. Regular Veterinary checkups are required to make sure they are not exposed to any serious disease.

History :

As such details of Spiti Horses breed is not available, but it is called that Spiti Horses have descended from Kiang Wild horse which inhabits in alpine regions of Spiti, pastures of Tibet and Changthang region of Ladakh. Spiti Horses are originated from Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley is located in Himachal Pradesh in North-west India. They are also found in Bhutan and Nepal. Spiti Horses look similar like Tibetan & Mongolian Horses also and doubted to link to Zanskari horses also which are found in Leh Ladakh.

Suitable :

Mainly some basic cost are there, if you want to purchase a Spiti Horse. Buying a Spiti Horse is suitable for those who can incur the all cost of Farrier which includes trimming and shoeing (every eight week), cost for their food and regular training is required. Medical issues and care such like vaccination, veterinary fees and dental care have to face time to time which are included in regular check up of Horse. For covering all type of major health issues Emergency Insurance is must.

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