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Overview : Alert, sturdy and smart, this Affenpinscher is a stunning watchdog that fears nothing. This dog is not usually loud, but also he is very excitable. Once this dog is on alert, this takes a while for him in order to completely calm down. Apart from that, he also takes very seriously his job to guard home, territory and family. It does not hesitate to aware the entire neighborhood that any individual is approaching the entrance. Moreover Affenpinscher is the rare breed, so you can spend some time in order to get the best one.

Origin Country :

Breed Group : Companion Dog

Body Type : Medium

Others Name : The Affenpinscher is also popularly called as "Monkey Dog". The term Affen directly means "monkey or app” in German as well as "pinscher" means "terrier". This dog is small in height, but feisty, full of energy and spunk.

Life Span : The overall life time of Affenpinscher is from twelve years to fourteen years

Height : The Affen is appropriately nine inches to eleven inches of high at the shoulder

Weight : This dog breed is about seven to nine pounds

Puppy Price : 1200 USD

Coat Length : Fluffy, Fine, Brush-Coated

Temprament : Curious, Affectionate

Color : Silver Gray Brown

Body Type :

The affenpinscher is a compact, sturdy and square-proportioned, along with medium bone. This dog is a slighter version of a working terrier. It is touch and active dog which is agile sufficient to dispatch and catch mice and rats. Its gait is sound, confident and light

Color :

You will discover this dog breed dressed in gray, black, tan, red, silver and gray, which truly ranges from the brownish to orangey tan. Few red Affenpinschers own brown, white and black hair combined in with red, with tan furnishings, as well as certain black Affenpinschers includes silver hairs or few white hairs combined in. The longer hair and furnishings may be lighter than remaining portions of his body. Moreover In Europe, the Affenpinschers come in black only, some instances with a very light frosting of gray.

Temperament :

This dog breed is curious and affectionate. Along with this, he is also loyal to his owner and will perform his small best in order to protect them from any harm or hassle. Affen is excitable as well as can take a small while in order to calm down. Like other dog, this breed requires early socialization. Along with this, it also exposure to various sights, experiences, sounds, people and more when they are very young. The socialization helps make sure that your puppy grows to be friendly, outgoing and well-rounded.

Coat :

The thick coat is exactly about 1 inch long on his body, completely shorter on the tail and rump, as well as shaggier and longer on his head, chest, stomach, legs and neck. The longer hair around his shoulders and head resembles an excellent cape. This dog breed never shed much, but his rough coat can be stripped in order to keep its unique characteristic texture.

Care :

This dog bred includes lots of natural characteristics including Adapts nicely to the Apartment Living, Tolerates Being Alone, Cold Weather and Hot Weather. This dog breed can affectionate with family, kids and strangers. Apart from that, these dogs have a unique mind and he requires consistent and early training. Fortunately, Affen is eager to study as well as to please his community when he is effectively taught with the positive reinforcement methods, including play, food and praise rewards. Plus, he can also compete in agility and obedience, and his special entertainment ability makes Affen a fantastic therapy dog.

Personality :

At present, everyone loves dogs because they enrich their lives and making them healthier and happier. There are different varieties of dogs, but few of them gain more recognition among people because of its exceptional companionship. While speaking about Affenpinscher, it is a rare dog breed originally produced to be the ratters in stables, shops and home. This bred truly down in size, so they are becoming the best companion of ladies. Today, these dogs are pleased and considered as the most mischievous companion pets.

Price :

If you want to get the healthy puppy, you can avoid the irresponsible puppy mill, pet store and breeder. Instead of this, you can hire the reputable and reliable breeder who carefully tests the breeding dogs in order to ensure that the dogs are free of any genetic diseases. It is important to check the temperaments and price, before buying the puppy. The useful considerations help you to pick the Affenpinscher without spending huge amount of money. The reputed breeder provides puppies for very reasonable prices, so you can hire them without any hesitation. The Average price of Affen puppy is $800 - $1200 USD. 

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