American Saddlebred   Report Error

Origin Country :
North America

Common Use : Dressage, Riding, Jumping, Endurance, Work, Polo, Driving

Colors :
Black Gray Chest Nut Bay Palomino Roan Champagne

Blooded Horse Type : Coldblood

Others Name : Saddlebred, American Saddle Horse, American Saddler, Peacock of the Horse World

Height : 68 inches

Weight : 1100 Pounds

Age : 30 Years

Characteristics :

American Saddlebred can be described as &lsquothree gaited&rsquo or &lsquofive gaited&rsquo. American Saddlebred gait is elegant & animated. They have long arching neck, bright facial features, long croup, well-defined withers, correct leg conformation, high-carried tail & high stepping movement. Mostly American Saddlebred is found in solid colours having white marking.

Personality :

American Saddlebred appearance is elegant. In maximum of horse shows, American Saddlebred is riding horse. It is multi talented horse. American Saddlebred possesses various qualities which add up to its personality as its background is mixed from Standardbred, Morgan, Thoroughbred, Morgan, Pacers & Arabian & some easy riding horses. American Saddlebred has won two titles &lsquo"world's most beautiful horse" and "peacock of the horse world" with its pleasing personality.

Temperament :

American Saddlebred is spirited horse, yet they are considered gentle animals also. These horses are used as pleasure horses (driving horses) as they are very nice & flashy horses. American Saddlebred is charming, extremely intelligent & spirited horse. They are fun loving & gentle.

Care :

In comparison of other horse breeds, American Saddlebred is prone to some health issues. These known 6 diseases to keep in mind if you own American Saddlebred are epitheliogenesis imperfecta (EI), lordosis, sidebone, hock lamenesses, ringbone and stifle. Apart from these diseases treatment, regular medical care is required which includes veterinary checkups, vaccinations, exam, dental care & deworming. Emergency Insurance is also required. American Saddlebred food includes both grain & hay.

History :

Before 1700s, in early part of America history, Galloway and Hobbie horses were brought to America through Britain, Narragansett Pacer was created by crossing these two breeds, in 1700s Narragansett crossed with Thoroughbred developed &lsquoAmerican Horse&rsquo. Then later, Morgan horse and Arabian horse were crossed for breeding &lsquoAmerican Saddlebred&rsquo. As a distinct horse breed, American Saddlebred was recognised in 1891 when &lsquoAmerican Saddle Horse Breeders&rsquo Association&rsquo was founded. American Saddlebred breed was developed in 1830. Usually this breed was called "Horse America Made" also.

Suitable :

American Saddlebred is suitable for owing as family horse for works such as trail & pleasure riding and ranch work. If someone looking to buy American Saddlebred medical care, food expenses, onetime expenses and lifetime expenses should be kept in mind. Many of activities are handled by American Saddlebred if bought for other than breed specific show, endurance riding, competitive trail riding, dressage, eventing, combined driving, show jumping, cutting, roping and fox hunting.

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